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Strategic Services

Many marketing organizations today are struggling to define a digital marketing strategy that aligns well with their corporate goals. CopperCX are skilled at leading a team through the process of developing an actionable strategy around analytics or digital marketing. Using industry best practices, we’ll conduct a review of your existing strategy, business goals, and needs so that we can present you with a clear vision for growth and actionable roadmap.

Implementation Services

CopperCX has extensive experience implementing a wide range of complex analytics and digital marketing tools. We’ve helped customers deploy and effectively use Adobe Analytics, Tableau, Qlikview, Optimizely, Ensighten, Google Analytics,  and many more. Let us help you get up and running quickly with these tools so you can make the most of them integrating them as needed with the rest of your digital marketing ecosystem.

Staff Augmentation

Finding staff skilled in the use of advanced analytics and digital marketing tools is increasingly challenging. Organizations deploy business critical tools, only to have their subject matter experts leave with no one able to take their place. CopperCX  are often called upon to fill these roles on either a temporary or ongoing basis.


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Harold Hill

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