Introducing CopperCX Consulting

We believe that data should lie at the center of customer experience, that to truly engage your audience and drive revenue you need to be relevant and fast. Without relevance you lose people's attention. It's an unfortunate and frightening reality that consumers attention spans are now shorter than that of a goldfish

To be relevant to your audience you need to listen to them, capture their feedback, interactions and activity, or lack thereof... The internet gives us a great way of doing that today and great improvements have been made in gathering offline insights too.  Having all this data is great then isn't it? We can achieve relevance right? Unfortunately this is where it starts to break down. Data is being collected but it's not being connected. Silos of information are building across a host of disparate systems used in advertising and marketing but they're fragmented, they aren't talking to one another. As a result you fail to recognize a consumer's action on one channel when they engage on another or from device to device, you can't hope to respond relevantly.

Before things were a lot more simple there was one home computer and cookie's helped us recognize people when they came back.  Now there's smart tv's, smartphone, tablets, phablets, FitBits, Withings, tweets, instagram, facebook and did you hear about woo woo yet? You can't force a customer down a funnel or through a loyalty loop anymore, there are too many ways for consumers to engage. What is important is that you recognize the consumer across all these touchpoints and are ready to respond.

How are you connecting your dots?